Sound System

Dreamweavers has two portable sound systems: a small battery operated system and a larger full function system.  The systems have distinct properties which make them more suitable for some situations than others.  It is important to use the appropriate sound system for any situation.  The natural temptation is to use the small system because of its portability and ease of setup.  However, if the system is not appropriate for the given environment it can be detrimental to the club and frustrating for spectators.  Demos lose their effectiveness if the spectators cannot hear what is being said.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any of this equipment is thought to not be working properly, please notify Ken Herr immediately to have the equipment checked out.

Small system
Characteristics Best Uses
  • Very portable
  • Two loudspeakers
  • One wired microphone
  • Battery operated
    • Also has an ac power adapter
    • Must buy batteries before each use
  • Limited coverage area,
    • narrow area
    • Both speakers must be used to cover a wider area
  • Limited fidelity
  • Where AC power is absolutely not available
  • Only for small coverage areas
  • Little background noise
  • Only when one microphone is needed
  • Only when a cordless microphone is not needed
If the situation only requires the small system, keep the following in mind:

  • You must buy 10 D size, alkaline batteries to power the unit or use the AC power adapter
  • Remove the batteries when you are finished with the system.
  • Use the second loudspeaker whenever possible to cover a larger area
  • You will need to borrow two loudspeaker stands from the large system to hold the loudspeakers
  • NEVER step in front of a loudspeaker when you are using the microphone – loud feedback (howling or squealing) will occur.
  • Always turn the system power off when you are not using it.



Large system
Characteristics Best Uses
  • Portable
  • Two loudspeakers
  • AC powered (use car adapter if AC power is not available)
  • Three cordless hand held microphones
  • One cordless headworn microphone
  • Wide coverage area
  • High fidelity
  • Large, open areas
  • Wide coverage needed
  • Noisy areas
  • More than one microphone is needed
  • Wireless microphone desired
  • When AC power is available or the car adapter can be used
In areas where a full-size ring is being setup outside, it is preferable to use the large system for the following reasons.

  • The wider coverage area is needed
  • Higher volume is needed to overcome background sounds

However, using the large system imposes additional needs

  • Having access to AC power is very preferable.
    • During the planning for a larger event, the demo organizer should tell the event organizer that AC power is required and ask where the nearest outlet is located and if we will be allowed to run an extension cord to the outlet.
    • If we cannot run an extension cord, then we can ask the event if our setup can be moved to where we have power.
    • If we cannot access power or relocate, we then need to use the car battery converter.  See the note below about proper use of the car battery converter.
  • If more than one microphone is needed, or a wireless microphone is needed, then the setup requires the microphone case and additional setup instructions.



Using the car battery converter

A car power inverter can be used to provide AC power for the large sound system.  Used properly, this device will provide the power needed for the system without draining the car battery.

  • Securely attach the cable clamps to the car battery terminals.
  • Turn the power adapter ON only when the sound system is being used.  Turn it off when the sound system is not needed.
  • When the adapter is turned on, You can run the car’s engine about 50% of the time to keep the battery fully charged.