Small Sound System Set Up Instructions

The club’s small sound system is a highly portable, easy to use system that can be used at smaller events.  The system is named “Half-Mile Hailer” by its manufacturer.  The system is designed to deliver high volume at a long distance.  To reach that distance sound is focused in a narrow beam directly in front of the loudspeaker.  If used improperly the sound can be too loud for people directly in front of it, and can be intrusive to people at some distance away.  To be used appropriately it should be used with its extension loudspeaker attached.

Set up instructions

  1. The entire system is contained in one gray, folding top container and MUST be accompanied by the two collapsible stands.
  2. Open the two loudspeaker stands so the tripod base is fully extended.
  3. Place the main sound system unit on one stand.
  4. Place the extension speaker on the other stand.
  5. Connect the orange loudspeaker extension cable to the extension speaker: placing the male connector from the speaker into the female connector on the extension cable.
  6. Connect the other end of the extension cable to the RIGHT loudspeaker connector on the back panel of the main unit.  The main unit’s loudspeaker must always be plugged into the LEFT connector
  7. The two loudspeakers should be aimed in two different directions.  Typically, you would aim them 90 degrees apart to cover a wider area.
  8. Make certain the main unit’s power is turned off and the volume control is turned fully down.
  9. Insert ten fresh D size, alkaline batteries in the main system:
    1. Slide the front door off the system.
    2. Insert the batteries so that the flat end of each battery is against the spring contact in the holder.
    3. Replace the battery holder and replace the cover.
    4. An AC adapter is also provided if you have a power outlet nearby.  The unit will perform better when plugged into a wall outlet.  You do not need to put batteries in the unit if you use the AC power adapter.
  10. Plug the microphone cable into the microphone jack on the back of the main unit.
  11. Turn on the main unit’s power switch.
  12. Move the microphone as far away from both loudspeakers as possible.
  13. Speak into the microphone and have someone adjust the volume so it can be reasonably heard but not too loud.
  14. When you are finished, you MUST remove the batteries from the unit and store them separately.

REMEMBER, this unit’s sound can travel a long way but yet will not
sound that loud to someone standing off to the side – be careful.

Pictures of the setup will be provided soon