Dreamweavers maintains a collection of books and videos related to the sport of dog agility.  Members may borrow any of the items for their personal use in training their dogs.


  • Aloff, Brenda, Canine Body Language a Photographic Guide.
  • Bassham, Lanny, With Winning in Mind, the Mental Management System
  • Bonham, Margaret H., Introduction to Dog Agility
  • Brown, Ali, Scaredy Dog! Understanding and Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog
  • Charleson, Susannah, Scent of the Missing
  • Dillon, Lucy, Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts
  • Dodman, Nicholas, If Only They Could Speak
  • Garrett, Susan, Shaping Success, The Education of an Unlikely Champion
  • Grandin, Temple, Animals in Translation
  • Gyes, Nancy, Alphabet Drills
  • Handelman, Marc, A Dog’s Guide to Life, the Bala Diaries
  • Hobday, Ruth, Agility Fun The Hobday Way: Volume II Steps for Obstacle Training
  • Hobday, Ruth Agility Fun The Hobday Way: Volume III Further Lessons For The Beginner
  • Hutchins, Jim, Do-It-Yourself Agility Equipment
  • Kelleher, Susan Spirit Dogs heroes in heaven
  • McConnell, Patricia,PhD., The Other End of the Leash, Why we do what we do around dogs.
  • McDevitt, Leslie, Control Unleashed, Creating a Focused and Confident Dog (2 copies)
  • Mecklenberg, Linda, Developing Jumping Skills for Awesome Agility Dogs.
  • Olson, Lonnie, Flyball Racing the dog sport for everyone.
  • Rodi, Robert, Dogged Pursuit My Year of Competing Dusty, The World’s Least Likely Agility Dog (2 copies)
  • Simmons-Moake, Jane, Agility Training: The Fun Sport For All Dogs
  • Simmons-Moake, Jane, Excellence at Agility Training: Book 2: Sequence Training
  • Wilson, Susan, One Good Dog
  • Wroblewski, David. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
  • Zink,M. Christine,D.V.M., PhD, Peak Performance, Coaching the Canine Athlete (First and Second editions)


  • American Red Cross, Dog First Aid
  • Barry, Mary Ellen, Foundation Fundamentals
  • Canova, Joe, World Class Weaves
  • Garrett, Susan, Success With One Jump
  • Martin, Kelly, Funniest Dog Agility Bloopers
  • Pinder, Jen, Sizzling Seesaws
  • Salo, Susan, Foundation Jumping ( 4 discs)
  • Sanders, Rachel, Contacts: Bridging the Gap Between Training and Competition
  • Zink, M.Christine D.V.M.,PhD and MCauley, Laurie, Building the Canine Athlete: Strength, Stretch, Endurance and Body Awareness30 exercises explained and demonstrated.

List updated: March, 2013