Join Lehigh Valley Dreamweavers

Lehigh Valley Dream Weavers offers many opportunities for agility enthusiasts to participate in their sport, no matter what their level of interest.

  • The opportunity to participate in club-sponsored demos at community events throughout the year, including Relay for Life, MS Walk, The Great Allentown Fair, and many others.
  • Club-sponsored practice days each month that allow member to sharpen their agility skills.
  • Fun Matches and Show n’ Gos.
  • Annual picnic and holiday parties.
  • Seminars by recognized speakers from the sport of agility.

Annual dues:

  • Individual – $35
  • Associate – $20
  • Junior Handler – $20
  • Household – $30/person

Questions about membership? Contact Pat Wotring, Club President, by e-mail

Membership application form: Download and print

The Membership Process

The club’s mission is to assist in the training and promotion of the sport of agility. As we do not provide classes, new members will be required to have some previous agility and obedience experience or will need to take classes to obtain experience and control of their dogs. Evaluations for new membership teams will be conducted to prove basic knowledge of agility.

Each applicant for membership shall apply on a form approved by the board. A parent or legal guardian must sign the application for a junior member. The application shall state the name, address, phone number, and email address of the applicant. The prospective member shall submit the application and dues payment for the current year. Prior to being accepted as a member, the applicant will attend a club practice and sign a waiver form. The team (dog and handler) will be evaluated by at least three of the club’s board members or their designees. The team must demonstrate the ability to perform safely on all contact equipment and demonstrate no fear of the closed tunnel (chute) and a curved open tunnel. Additionally the team must demonstrate good behavior around other dogs and handlers so as not to pose a threat to any person or dog that may come in contact with them during a club activity. Finally the applicant must attend at least one general membership meeting.

All applications are to be filed with the Secretary or his/her designee and each application is to be read at the first meeting following evaluation of dog and handler The applicant may attend this meeting in order to meet the attendance requirement. The application will be voted upon and affirmative votes of two-thirds of the members present and voting shall be required to accept the applicant. Applicants for membership who have been rejected by the club may not reapply within six months after such rejection.

A person wishing to become a member may apply even without a dog. If and when the member has a dog ready to join the club, at that time the dog must be evaluated according to the above procedure and brought before the membership for approval.