Lehigh Valley Dream Weavers offers many opportunities for agility enthusiasts to participate in their sport, no matter what their level of interest.

      • The opportunity to participate in club-sponsored demos at community events throughout the year.
      • Regularly schedule Club practices that give members and opportunity to sharpen their agility skills.
      • Club sponsored events such as an annual picnic and holiday parties , along with other gatherings
      • Seminars by recognized speakers from the sport of agility.

Annual dues:

      • Individual – $35
      • Associate – $20  (member’s without an agility dog or a with a dog that is not quite ready to become a member dog)
      • Junior Handler – $20
      • Household – $30/person

Membership application form:  Download and print

The Membership Process

The club’s mission is to assist in the training and promotion of the sport of agility. As we do not provide classes, new members will be required to have some previous agility and obedience experience or will need to take classes to obtain experience and control of their dogs. Evaluations for new membership teams will be conducted to prove basic knowledge of agility.

An applicant should complete the Membership application and submit it to the address at the bottom of the form along with the dues for the current year. If the applicant is under 18 years of age the form must be signed by a parent or guardian.

The application will be presented to the board and if approved it shall be moved on to the general membership. If there are no objections the applicant will be contacted by an officer and arrangements will then be made to have the handle/ dog team evaluated by two current club members in good standing. Membership approval will be contingent on a successful evaluation of the team.

The dog to be evaluated must be at least if that 15 months of age.

The dog will be evaluated for its ability to follow basic commands, complete small sequences, and if appropriate safely utilize contact equipment. Dogs do not necessarily have to do all the Contact equipment which consists of; the A frame, the dog walk, and the teeter (or see-saw), but any equipment they do attempt must be done safely. Contact equipment evaluation is not an evaluation of criteria.  Such as two on two off, four on the ground or running contacts.  It is merely an evaluation of safe use of the equipment.

A dog may be considered for membership without completing the evaluation of contact equipment as listed above as long as they have met the other criteria for membership.

A handler can chose to maintain a “No Contact” status or update the dog to a “Partial Contacts” or further update to “Full Contacts” during the twice yearly re-evaluation period.

Dogs will also be generally  evaluated for their temperament.  Dogs must not exhibit excessive aggressiveness toward humans or other dogs.  It is the handler’s responsibility for maintaining control of their dog at all times while at club events and functions.  Any dog that exhibits extreme aggressiveness and or reactivity may be dismissed as a club member dog.

Dogs that are at times reactive are not necessarily going to be considered excessively aggressive.  If the handler has a plan in place for maintaining and controlling the reactivity, the dog can be considered for membership.  However, should it be demonstrated that the handler cannot control the reactivity or the aggressive behavior escalates the dog may be dismissed as a club member.

A person wishing to become a member may apply even without a dog. If and when the member has a dog ready to join the club, at that time the dog must be evaluated according to the above procedure and brought before the membership for approval.

Have Membership Questions?  Contact Denise Schaffer, Club President, by e-mail